Dainty and ready to layer... made of smooth turquoise and a 14k yellow gold barrel clasp, the Turquoise Shoreline Necklace is here to play and makes the perfect addition to your necklace mix.

Handmade with love in Los Angeles. 

  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Turquoise: 3.5mm
  • Length: 16"

    The old saying stands true with turquoise... They should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. All AGJ turquoise strands are strung on genuine silk thread. Silk is used industry-wide due to its strength and smooth texture (which does not wear down the holes of the turquoise). But silk is still a material that can stretch and snap with exposure to water and other chemicals (ie lotion, sunscreen, and perfume).  Please avoid wearing your turquoise jewelry in the shower and when swimming. 


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