A spin on thier best-selling twisted rope chain - but make it bigger! The 2.5mm Twisted Rope Chain is the perfect way to add some volume to your layers. It is simple and versatile, making it the perfect foray into thicker chains. The chain elevates whatever you’re wearing (simple tee, slip dress) to chicer ground. We love to wear ours solo or with a XL Helium Heart Pendant.

Handmade with love in Los Angeles.

Measurement And Materials

  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Thickness: 2.5mm

Notes About This Item

The links in this chain are a bit rigid making it more susceptible to damage when worn carelessly. As such, it is delicate and should be handled with extra attention. Do not pinch, twist, or bend it – it is not flexible and can permanently dent or kink (aka it cannot be repaired). We recommend storing it on a flat surface when not wearing it (as opposed to clumping it up or hanging it). When traveling, you can coil it and gently place it flat in a jewelry pouch.

Because of the delicate nature and construction of this chain, we are unable to offer repairs for kinks or damaged links. Any damage or kinks to the links within the chain are due to the result of wear and tear, and are not covered in our warranty repairs.

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