Created in 2013 by Elise Durbecq and Gillian Tozer, TRUSS collaborates with small business owners and weavers in the Oaxaca region to produce custom accessories. Of all the regions in Mexico, Oaxaca is known as the most vibrant of them all: Rich with cultural traditions, each town possesses a different and unique artisanal trade from the next, with one theme remaining consistent, the colors. Beyond quality and design, TRUSS values the preservation and growth of Oaxaca’s artisanal trade. The endemic skill set of these artisans is not only rare but imperative in keeping these communities afloat.

TRUSS is a proud supporter of Fondo Guadalupe Musalem and their work to educate and empower young Oaxacan women. FGM’s final goal is to ensure high school education for indigenous girls with underprivileged backgrounds, who have demonstrated a high commitment to their education and their communities. FGM’s beneficiaries take part in training workshops that include topics such as gender equality, women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health, human rights, literature, history, environmental studies, ecology, community management, and other subjects to complement their studies. Thanks to these training workshops, the girls acquire a full education that contributes to the process of empowerment and leadership. The goal is to help them become agents of change, not only at a personal level but also for their families and their community.

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