Beatrice Valenzuela was born in Los Angeles, raised in Mexico City, and lived all over the world before settling back in Los Angeles fourteen years ago. Today she lives with her partner Ramsey Conder and their two children in a bungalow perched above Echo Park on the edge of Elysian Park. Their home is both dwelling and workspace, and a repository of inspiration for Beatrice’s shoe, jewelry, and bag designs.

Beatrice’s eponymous line of handmade shoes for takes its inspiration from Mexican and Mediterranean styles, embracing the beauty and and simplicity found anywhere nature and culture intertwine. “I think living in so many different places definitely affected my aesthetic,” explains the former stylist. “I’ve always loved things that were made with natural fibers. I’m always looking at the craftsmanship, the way things are put together, the way they will last, and if they will age beautifully. I love to be able to see the hand that made the product.” These ideals are also forefront in Beatrice’s jewelry lines, Concha and Alcatraz, which take their beauty from natural shapes, as well as her bag developed in collaboration with her partner Ramsey.

In 2015, Beatrice and Ramsey opened a vacation rental in the heart of Echo Park. The house is a serene retreat nestled between Elysian Park and Echo Park Lake for friends and travelers.

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